How to join bookeco

A step by step guide on how to join bookeco

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Our awesome features
Make sure your business is eligible

We only showcase eco-friendly businesses on bookeco, so here are 3 quick ways to work out if your business qualifies. 1. You have been certified for sustainability/ being eco-friendly. Certification bodies include: GreenStep, GreenKey, Biosphere etc... 2. You are a micro business and have taken a sustainability pledge. i.e SustainableTourism2030. 3. Sustainability is a major driving factor when making business decisions and you are doing a considerable amount to make sure your business is eco-friendly. Expect bookeco customers to ask you about your sustainability initiatives!

Our awesome features
Select your business type

We currently have 3 different categories on bookeco. 1) Places to stay - Hotels, Cabins, Lodges etc.. 2) Things to do - Tours, Bicycle rentals, Yoga retreats etc... 3) Food & Drink - Restaurants, Wineries, Cafes etc... Select the type that best represents your business.

Our awesome features
Choose your plan & sign up

Select a plan from one of the options available. Our most popular plan is the advantage plan because of its ability to reduce high booking fees and direct traffic to your business website. Once you have selected your plan, sign up and if required, complete your subscription payment.

Our awesome features
Build out your profile (5-10mins)

See our top tips for building your profile, prior to adding the following: - Basic details - Images - Overview - Eco-initiatives - Youtube link (Advantage members only) - Pricing Once we have optimized your images and confirmed details on our end, we will add a URL link to your bookeco listing on your profile.

Now its your turn!